About Shelora Fitzgerald

About Shelora Fitzgerald, B.A. B.Ed. M. Ed.

An avid adventurer, Shelora travels and teaches the “Art of Miraculous Living.”  She has a knack for inspiring others to live lives that defy the predictable. She ignites the free spirit of creative self- expression, and brings out the magical child in everyone whose life she touches.

Her endless curiosity, sense of adventure, and boundless creativity have led her to reinvent herself many times. In addition to being the mother of two lovely, gracious, and brilliant daughters, and one marvelous grandson, Shelora is a writer, a broadcaster, and a public speaker. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and, in addition to teaching, and leading workshops, she has conducted a private practice as a Spiritual Counselor for many years.

However, the underlying theme of her life has been her quest for the Light. She first fell in love with the Light during her first stage appearance at age three. At age sixteen, following a performance as Titania in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, she was chosen to attend the National Theatre School of Canada. A career as an actress, director, producer, filmmaker, and finally a High School drama teacher, followed.

Then, in 1990, in Maui, on the eve of the first Gulf War, she had a vision of Christ praying for humanity that transformed her life forever. Soon thereafter, she discovered A Course in Miracles, and has been a student and teacher of the Course ever since. Her practice as a Spiritual Counselor is solidly based in the forgiveness principles of A Course in Miracles. Her intention is to restore her clients to the innocent and loving nature that the Course describes as our natural birthright. She particularly loves working with children, especially the new generations of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, the masters of “beginner’s mind.” She finds the field of infinite creative possibility that they bring irresistible. Towards that end, she works with children of all ages, assisting them to remember who they really are.

Over the years, parts of the self that we don’t like or that frighten us have been projected onto others, covered over, compensated for, forgotten, sacrificed, denied. They show up in dysfunctional or unsatisfactory relationships, addictive behaviors, unfulfilled dreams.  Over the years, Shelora has gathered a wide variety of clearing and healing techniques designed to reintegrate the parts of  the self that have been split off and disowned, that are hindering her clients from connecting with and expressing their true greatness.

These separated, compartmentalized aspects of the authentic self are hidden in the shadows, bound by guilt, shame and fear. Once the various parts of the self that have been identified, distinguished, and brought to light, she conducts a powerful forgiveness and reintegration process. The various aspects or “sub-personalities,” each part, the critical parent, the judge, the complainer, the abuser, the appeaser, the know it all, the top dog, the underdog, etc, is given a voice.  The various aspects, characters, relationships, whether real or imagined, are acknowledged, heard, accepted, embraced, expressed, appreciated,  released, cleared and finally reunited. The result is the stubborn impasse, the rejected relationships, the unforgiven mistakes, the wasted talent, the regrets and resentments, all that fragmentation and denial and drama, all those stubbornly held judgments and opinions, assessments, complaints and grievances, that have used vital life energy to maintain are resolved.

This process restores the individual to their natural, original state of wholeness, completeness and perfection. In short, the person’s life reconnects to an inherent  foundation of fundamental integrity. The conversations that were never completed, the relationships that were never healed, miraculously transform, giving her clients access to vital life energy that was previously unavailable, separated, compartmentalized, tied up in denial and resistance. Once the knots have been untangled, clients find themselves unencumbered, free to invent authentic, inspired, creative, powerful, amazing lives, where miracles are the natural order of things.

Shelora believes inspiration and authenticity are a powerful force for social change. She is deeply interested in the new edge of thought that is transforming our planet, freeing it from guilt and fear and raising the consciousness of humanity.

This is the Art of Living a Miraculous Life.

Shelora an be heard on ACIMGather.com on Saturday mornings at 10 am PST.



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