The Power of Restoring Integrity

We are in the midst of an amazingly powerful transformation of human consciousness. In that context, I want to share with you my musings on Integrity, on wholeness, on perfection, and how we can realistically restore ourselves and our relationship to this increasingly chaotic world we live in through the use of such practices as mindfulness & meditation. Due to a Landmark Education Seminar I am taking, called, “Living Powerfully: A Life that Defies the Predictatable,” I am comprehending the meaning of Integrity in a totally fresh way .

Integrity, according to Dr. Joe DiMaggio, Landmark Forum Leader, (and former Brain Surgeon) is that which is “whole, complete, perfect, unimpaired, sound.” I would add to that, “pure, innocent, in the sense of beautiful, clean, unblemished, impeccable, with nothing left out.” According to Mathematics Professor , Ryan Derby-Talbot, PhD., of Quest University, British Columbia, the word integrity comes from the root word in Latin, ‘integer’ which means “something that is bring forth, fresh, sound, unexhausted, intact, entire.” In mathematics, he says, an integer it is something that doesn’t touch another thing, that is complete unto itself. He also says it is a line that goes on to infinity, or something that ” goes off on a tangent,” so to speak. I am sure we can all relate to that.But the more common Latin meaning we have adopted, is to say that something that is in integrity is balanced, honest, impartial, unbiased, free from prejudice.” But the meaning in my Latin dictionary that I prefer is “to renew, to begin afresh.”  “Integrum restutere” therefore, means to restore a thing to its former condition: unspoilt, pure, fresh.”

It is this conversation for transformation that I wish to discuss.

In the context of Landmark Education, integrity has to do with honouring your word as yourself, and this is achieved by creating an hounouring, or empowering context in the use of your “word,” as in honouring your word, as if it were yourself,  and by extension, your thoughts, essentially, about yourself.  Restoring integrity in our outer world, therefore, depends on honouring our word, keeping our promises. As soon as we know we are not going to do what we said, the way we said we would, or the way others expect us to, we communicate, and make a new promise, which we keep.

In other words, integrity is not a question of morality. It is a question of workability. I think we can all agree that the state of our world is out of integrity. It has become completely unworkable that it is breaking down on all fronts. Our Home Planet is so out of integrity that we are all going “to hell in a handbasket!”

So what to do about it? Restore ourselves to integrity, and powerful access to workable action and elegant solutions, both practical, scientific, and realistic will emerge. They will seem miraculous, but they will work, because they are in alignment with the integrity of the natural state of the Universe, of Creation, if you will. The fundamental plank, the foundational law upon which integrity is built, that it is as sound and immutable as the power of gravity, is simply that:


I think we can all agree that our world has reached a state where it is completely out of integrity. It certainly looks as if this is reality, inevitable, hopeless. Many of us have become cynical and resigned about the state things are in, where we have ended up, so to speak. Nothing is working the way it used to. The old way has disintegrated so far out of integrity that it is literally collapsing under our feet. Our “understanding,” the very ground on which we stand, is shaking, has gone so far awry, is so out of control, so chaotic and unpredictable, that it is not to be trusted.

For those who have no understanding of the process of transformation, no vision of where we are going and how to get there, no framework of transformation to support them, this is terrifying indeed. Many of us, stand by, overwhelmed, paralyzed by fear, dismayed, grief-stricken, completely disempowered, believing it is too late, that we can do nothing, it is unsolvable, with no comprehension of what to do anyway, except recycle and pray.

But we know somehow that is not enough. What must be transformed is our whole way of being on the planet.

We cannot allow ourselves to simply  stand by helplessly letting the catastrophe unfold,  to settle for where we seem to have ended up. For those of us that are awake, that are not numb to the suffering that is occurring on this planet, and who have some access, some clarity on how to get there from here, have a responsibility.As Andrew Harvey says in his book, “The Hope.” we who know that we are cause in the matter of our own lives must get into action, step up to the plate, to answer the call, to take  purposeful, powerful, passionate action in service to this planet. In short, we must take our place as leaders in the world. Those of us who are awake and responsible, who aspire to become and are powerful, those who are able and capable of achieving mastery, must lead the way by restoring ourselves to one hundred percent integrity.

We are the  way showers for others in leading the charge, fierce in the protection, defense of and cherishing our beloved Mother, who is in danger of dying in the throes of birth. We should be down on our knees declaring our passionate commitment and gratitude to She who has given us life, who has fed us and nurtured us, given us fresh air to breathe, clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, beautiful bodies to grow to communicate and love with, clear eyes to see with, and strong hands to build with, and fertile minds to create with.

Understanding, as we do, the power of language to influence the neural pathways, and by extension, the quantum field,  we understand that this is the ultimate opportunity to start afresh, to influence the quantum field with the integrity and the power of our thoughts and actions,  to co-create and influence the way this story goes.

We are engaged in nothing less than inventing a future worth living into for ourselves and our children, and our children’s children. Knowing, as we do, the power of thought to create, let’s not create profits so we can buy a Maserati to serve our ego, but dedicate ourselves and to creating a transformed, shining plan of which we can be proud.

Otherwise, as Andrew Harvey says in his book “The Hope,” if we keep going the way we are going, the probable, almost certain future is that we end up in a barren, sterile planet, that does not support life, including our own, with the majority of our animals and plants extinct, with water too toxic to drink, with food to poisonous to eat, and with air too polluted to breathe, and with our own race, our own genetic strain, in danger of extinction.

If we are not to settle for where we have ended up, if we are to defy the predictable, and enter the realm of the truly miraculous, then those of us who are awake, those of us engaged in the business of transformation, have got to “turn this “Starship,” as Buckminster Fuller dubbed it, around.

If we are to get back to the Garden, the way it was created, whole, complete, and pristine, and restore our beautiful Mother Earth to the lovely, natural paradise she was before the so-called “Fall from Grace,” then we must to restore our own integrity in the way we relate to her. We have to honour our  the spirit of Gaia, (or “Ewa”  as she was called in the movie “Avatar,” ) before we fell into the divisive world of duality consciousness, good and evil, black and white, right and wrong, then we have got to change the game we are playing. We have to stop tolerating being “just  a little bit” out of integrity as normal, in the name of being ‘”realistic,” to defining the natural state of human being, as what we are, not as fatally flawed, but as perfectly created in one hundred percent integrity.

To my mind, integrity is our original state of being.

Look in a baby’s eyes, and you will see pure integrity. the realm where the miraculous is ordinary.  I believe that the state of being sometimes called ‘beginner’s mind,’ we need at this time oi labouring to birth a new form of consciousness.

To some, it is the unlike any other shift in the evolution in consciousness that humanity has ever undergone.

There is no doubt that humanity as a whole is suffering. Latin root meaning  of suffering + “undergoing” or “enduring.”  But as terrifying uncertain and risky as labour and birth is, there is an opportunity inherent in a new birth to restore integrity, in a word, to begin afresh.

As Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard says, in her new book, “Conscious Evolution.” we are newly born, young and new to this new state of being. Let us protect and cherish the new state of being that we have been blessed with, the precious integrity we have had bestowed on us by our Divine birthright. Let us respect and honour one another as ONE as partners and co-creators in the birth of a new paradigm of transformed reality called Unity Consciousness.

So, how does meditation relate in a practical way to restoring both ourselves, and by extension, our world integrity?

In meditation, we are fully present, and available, to achieving a clean uncluttered, empty, inner space of “no-thing,” a blank page on which to design what it is we wish to create. By creating a clear, still space, we can look and see what is actually there, look at the pain of the story we made of the past. We can look at what is in front of us, without the filters of fear or regret, of resentment, blame, or shame, or guilt from the past, or fear, anxiety or worry about the future.

In that clear space we access in meditation, we can identify, embrace, and reintegrate all the disowned fragments of our true selves that had slowly been chipped away, disowned, separated off, compartmentalized, and projected onto others, leaving us completely disintegrated out of integrity, into a dull state of resignation to being ordinary. Without integrity, we are incapable of being the extraordinary, comparable, powerful human beings we came here to be . When we have access to remembering who we really are as we were created the whole, complete, pure, magnificent and beautiful beings we were meant to be, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Our authentic greatness, not our ego’s grandiosity, emerges.

This is our true integral nature. We are at the zero point of pure causality. In this shining, pure moment of grace, we can recognize, with humility, the powerful, creative beings we came into these ‘body-bags’ to be. We can begin freely expressing the fabulous, magnificent gifted, extraordinary human beings that we are.

This blog came as a response to someone in my Restoring Integrity Seminar who asked me to tell him how to meditate. So here are my musings on, and understanding of the role meditation, to restoring integrity to our bodies, minds, and souls, and hopefully, to our world. Because if, without integrity nothing works, then conversely, in a world that operates with one hundred percent integrity, everything works.

So if you ask yourself, “Why integrity?” it is because it works.

How does it work?

Really all you have to do is sit, with your eyes closed and your spine straight, (in a chair or on the floor with your legs crossed…feel the feeling of dignity and repose that gives you. Close your eyes, and breathe and watch your breath and watch your thoughts, without getting attached to them or making them mean anything. Empty and meaningless.

That is it.

As soon as you close your eyes, your brain waves, the electrical frequency at which your brain vibrates, goes from waking state, also known as Beta waves, to Theta state. On the edge between Theta and Delta, the slowest vibration where you are when you fall asleep, is where, if you can keep yourself awake, meditation happens.

Sometimes it helps to breathe in (like sucking the breath up through a straw from the base of your spine on up to the top (crown) of your head, to the count of 4, (1-2-3-4) then hold your breath for the count of 8, (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8) then slowly release your breath to the count of 1-2-3-4 – I know, I know…. You know how to count to four already. (:

See how simple that is?

If that works for you, just do that counting thing for a while, until you get the sense that your mind is calming down. It intensifies it and gets you “in the zone” so to speak.

Alternatively, you can just keep breathing in and out slowly, watching your breath, and watch your thoughts as they float by. Just notice them, do not attach to them. Let them wander in, or jump in frantically trying to get your attention, (sometimes called ‘monkey mind’, or ‘ego,’ in spiritual terms, or, in Landmark language, the ‘little voice in your head,’ or  ‘it,’ or the “identity.”

Those thoughts are who your ‘it’ mind thinks you are, in language.

Actually, they do not honour your integrity, or who you really are at all. They chip away at you and denigrate you, and they are going on all the time, constantly, in the background until you consciously sit down and attend to them, slow them down, listen to the nonsense they are trying to tell you is the truth, and then, you shift into the Truth of who you are, and have an access for remembering what and who that is: Innocent, pure, whole, perfect, complete, sound, impeccable, with nothing left out. Integral. Not a good person, or a bad person, or even good thoughts or bad thoughts. Just what is, “what’s so.” Words. More words…trotting across your mind, galloping, even, like runaway horses in a panic or an “amygdala hijack,” as Dr. Joe DiMaggio, (formerly one of the four top neurosurgeons in New York, and now the Landmark Forum leader who writes the Seminars we are experiencing) calls it in the “Living and Invented Life” Seminar.

In brain science, it is the part of the brain, the frontal lobe brain or Neo-Cortex, that is completely concerned with survival and thinks that anxiety and worry and thinking can protect you, all the neural pathways that are worn in by prolonged use, and become your habitual way of reacting to normal everyday circumstances. The filter, if you will.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” says about this, “What wires together, fires together!” He is talking about the new science of neuroplasticity, rewiring the connections between the synapses in our brain that connect the neurons in habitual, well-worn neural pathways. This is what we are beginning to interrupt when we meditate.

You see, ninety-five percent of our brain is hidden from our awareness, in our ‘blind spot’ so to speak. In addition, it is constantly generating up a virtual firestorm of thought patterns in grooves in our brain that do not necessarily serve us, but are running us. You should SEE what is going on in there when we have an orgasm. Resets the entire system!)

But mostly it is just old habits of thought designed to keep us eating and protect us from being eaten…. in other words, fear- driven survival thoughts, producing adrenaline (short term stress) and cortisol, (long term stress) which, as I understand it, if it goes on bombarding our brains and our bodies long enough, consequently creates contraction, hypertension, stress, inflammation at the cellular level, and chips away at the integrity of the body, and lead to such diseases as addictions of all kinds,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (ADHD,) Heart Disease, Cancer and can even eventually, the big ‘D,’ Death!

So, not the self-honoring pathway of restoring integrity that we want to follow, is it? Especially if your body is engaged in a long term building project, like building a baby for instance, or growing your body or your mind back to a healthy or unbalanced state. For that we want dopamine and serotonin, the happy hormones, which are produced when we are engaged in, for instance: great sex, healthy pregnancy, healthy physical activity, like running or mountain climbing, or even walking in nature, or yoga, and of course, MEDITATION All these activities produce dopamine and/or serotonin, to one degree or another. They help reduce addiction, depression, and restore the body and the mind to…

You got it:


SO…. back to meditation…. Just say to yourself, when you notice those pesky little thoughts that drag you out of integrity, into the past or the future, just notice them, be with them, put your arms around them if you have to, and embrace them, Forgive yourself for believing those thoughts about yourself or anything outside yourself, your circumstances, are who you really are. And then let it all dance away. What is left?

Nothing. NO – THING. Because thoughts are things!!! You are now in the clearing of the mind in which to honour your true integrity, remember who you really are, and whole, complete and perfect, with nothing left out, and begin again, with beginner’s mind, to invent your new way of being that you would like to become.

And, if you really want to be bold, once you get the hang of clearing your mind so you are in ‘no-thing’ then you can let yourself begin to invent a new way of being that you want to become, and focus on THAT!

That is when you start rewiring your brain. That is the PRACTICE of being with No-thing, and creating….ANY thing!

We are actually only stuck with fifty percent of our DNA, and 95 percent of our brains is mouldable. That is what the new science of neuro-plasticity is all about. How is that for information? I just put all that together in my mind, and did it internally while writing to you about it. Thanks for the opportunity! If you can manage to do this at the same time each day, it will be wonderful. Your mind then gets programmed to your little morning and/or evening date with your authentic, no-thing Self, your true way of being, your integral integrity, whole, complete and perfect, in a state of grace and peace and joy, just the way you were designed.

And there you have it: A CLEARING FOR CREATION.

Cool, huh?


~ by Shelora Fitzgerald on October 11, 2010.

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