The Religious Mind- The True Revolution

Can we discover for ourselves what is the religious mind? The scientist in his laboratory is really a scientist; he is not persuaded by his nationalism, by his fears, by his vanities, ambitions, and local demands; there, he is merely investigating. But outside the laboratory, he is like anybody else with his prejudices, with his ambitions, with his nationality, with his vanities, with his jealousies, and all the rest of it. Such a mind cannot approach the religious mind. The religious mind does not function from a center of authority, whether it is accumulated knowledge as tradition, or it is experience-which is really the continuation of tradition, the continuation of conditioning. The religious spirit does not think in terms of time, the immediate results, the immediate reformation within the pattern of society…. We said the religious mind is not a ritualistic mind; it does not belong to any church, to any group, to any pattern of thinking. The religious mind is the mind that has entered into the unknown, and you can not come to the unknown except by jumping; you cannot carefully calculate and enter the unknown. The religious mind is the real revolutionary mind, and the revolutionary mind is not a reaction to what has been. The religious mind is really explosive, creative-not in the accepted sense of the word creative, as in a poem, decoration, or building, as in architecture, music, poetry, and all the rest of it-it is in a state of creation.

Taken from ‘The Book of Life’, daily meditations with Krishnamurti.

I spent the weekend with the most revolutionary speaker I have ever encountered. Former advisor to Pope John Paul, President of the College of Bishops in Ireland, Miceal is the former priest, (now expelled from the Catholic Church for Heresy) who was in the film, What the Bleep Do WE Know. He is erudite to the “nth degree.” He has learned Greek, Latin, Coptic, Aramaic, Hebrew, all the ancient languages, in order to understand and trace the path of Jesus in his learning between the ages of twelve and thirty. He has a Video out on “How Jesus Became a Christ” and is writing the book of the same name. He has also studied Orbs, which I have just begun to see,) extensively. As Miceal pointed out, we know little of Jesus’ spiritual life. Miceal has traced the influences of Buddhism, there are 113 sayings attributed to Jesus in the New Testament that are directly from Buddhism) and the Egyptian Mystery Schools. He believes that Jesus studied with the Great Masters in the Himalayas, and in Nepal, where there are records of his visit to a monastery. He mastered the art of Ascension, as well as the art of resurrecting corpses. (Raising corpses, back from the dead, as in the case of Lazarus. Apparently he had a twin brothe rnamed Thomas (which is Hebrew for TWIN) and he taught Thomas how to do it as well. But none of his other Disciples “got it.” Thomas apparently raised nineteen from the dead, and moved people in and out of the Pyramids to teach them how to do it themselves. Incredible, eh?

What is so revolutionary about Miceal’s work is how he puts all of this together with Quantum Physics, elegantly combining science with religion. He explains succinctly how light moves in a spectrum from Gamma Rays to x-rays to Ultra Violet to Visible Light to Infra Red. But he adds the one thing that is significant, how the observer affects the observed in THOUGHT, and in WORD, as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto in What the Bleep. The elegance of all of this demonstrates that Jesus was manipulating the Quantum Field, very much in the same manner that Dr. Richard Bartlett, the creator of Matrix Energetics, teaches now.

Miceal, having witnessed the devastation that the Catholic Church has wrought in the name of God, would not agree with Krishanmurti that the truly revolutionary mind is the revolutionary mind, but if you substitute spiritual for religious, perhaps you might be closer. Miceal says that God is a VERB. A way of being in action. As a spiritual activist, I must agree with him.

He is also concerned that we won’t all wake up in time to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet to one of the miraculous, which is what Jesus was trying to teach us, to empower us to do, by his example. He told us, “All this and more you too shall do.”

This is the time of “signs and wonders” that Jesus spoke of. This is the time when our minds are able to transform material reality with the power of focused thought. This is the time of the Violet, the Gold, the Blue, the White rays. I have finally found an explanation for the lovely, translucent jewel toned colours I have been seeing for the last five years. This is the time we have been waiting lifetimes for.

At the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo where I spoke in October on Creating a Miraculous Life, I met Paco Alarcon Kahan who teaches us how to see the Violet Light. He is from Barcelona, and travels teaching all over the world. He told me that the Violet Light is the one that ALL the Ascended Masters bow to. I have been seeing that colour since it washed over all the two hundred people at Fire the Grid on July 7th, 2007. I

Now is the time for all Light Workers to come together, all of us in this Holy moment to bring the Light into manifestation, and do the miracles we are all able to do, if we simply discipline and focus our minds and our attention aligned with our pure intention.

I took copious notes at Miceal’s workshop, and I will transcribe them over the next few posts. So stay posted!


~ by Shelora Fitzgerald on December 11, 2009.

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