All You Need is Love

When you have experienced in relationship with anyone or anything a moment of bliss, a moment of peace that forever passes all understanding, a moment of fulfillment so sweet and so sublime that no word could touch it, much less express it, what you have experienced is only the flow of the Love of God through you. The person or thing did not cause it. It was caused because, for just a moment, you stepped out of your drama, you stepped out of your dream, and allowed the Truth to be lived.

Then, of course, you tricked yourself into believing, “God, that was so sweet! That was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It must have come from you. Get over here. I need you!” If ever you believe you need anything or anyone, rest assured, in that moment you are living in delusion.

All you need is love. Love fulfills all things. Love embraces all things. Love transforms all things. Therefore, remember well: you, and only you, can become the cause of your fulfillment, your peace, and your completion of time. This requires that you do nothing save to remember to establish the connection with your Creator.

Release the drama, release the dream, and choose to remember the Truth that is true always.

The Way of Mastery, Shanti Christo Foundation


~ by Shelora Fitzgerald on October 11, 2009.

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